Genetically, whiteness is recessive: The weight range of the cheetah overlaps with that of the leopard, which weighs 28—65 kilograms 62— lb. Unlike male lions, male tigers allow females and cubs to feed on the kill before the male is finished with it; all involved generally seem to behave amicably, in contrast to the competitive behaviour shown by a lion pride. A study of the social organisation in males showed that territoriality depends on the size and age of the males and the membership of the coalition.

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He suggested that it could be a cross between a leopard and a cheetah. It is not albinism Colour variations A well-known allele found only all the rage the Bengal population produces the white tigera colour variant at the outset recorded in the Mughal Domain in the late 16th after that early 17th centuries. The barely large island they still inhabit is Sumatra. Males range all the rage total length from to  cm 87 to  in and weigh between to  kg to  lbwhile females range between to  cm 85 to 91 in and 75 to  kg to  lb. The king cheetah is a array of cheetah with a koekenbakker mutation for cream-coloured fur apparent with large, blotchy spots after that three dark, wide stripes extending from their neck to the tail.

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During this period the family wasgoed joined by two adult females and one adult male, altogether offspring from Padmini's previous litters, and by two unrelated tigers, one female the other unidentified. Scent markings of this brand allow an individual to pick up information on another's character, sex and reproductive status. At the shoulder, tigers may variously stand 0. They have bot known to exist in Zimbabwe, Botswana and northern Transvaal.

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