This is important as the grandfather's first born son is barren, and Marcelo is a familial relation who can ensure the family line continues. It was translated by Lawrence Schimelwith an afterword by Abosede George. Characters[ edit ] Okomo: This is an expectation set by her grandmother that is put on the orphaned Okomo after she gets her first period.

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Attempts to control Okomo by prohibiting her from contacting Marcelo after that other social undesirables lead en route for Okomo to walk with a group of three girls who have also largely rejected the expectations of them from Dagger society. In the middle of one walk, Okomo engages all the rage sex in the forest with the three girls. He declines, and Marcelo's house is burned, but not before he managed to escape to the forest. Women's importance in sexual relations is minimal, with no real thought given to their admissie or pleasure in the act. Women's value is derived through giving birth and having children. She soon forms a confederatie with one girl, Dina, en route for the exclusion of the erstwhile two and against the rules of the group that sex should only be communal along with them. The pacing was not consistent with the rest of the chapters.

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