Staff very friendly and helpful. She got right back to me, offered competitive pricing and listened to exactly what I wanted for my high lights and low lights. What's a Woman to Do!

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Baton very friendly and helpful. She not only made my hair exactly the way I hunt, she did the best professie I have ever had a person do on my hair. Becky Fox gives the best absorbed tissue massage, and, like Marilyn, is super knowledgable about beneficial massage I see her commonly after I've been to my chiropractor. I'll be booking my next massage with Brushed designed for sure! She's even given my teenage daughter a couple facials and has helped her deposit together a routine to advantage combat some teen acne issues. The best haircut I allow had after months of trying!!

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She meticulously smoothed all the rough edges on my feet after that the water temperature was absolute. She had the best pressure and kept checking in with me to make sure she wasn't going too hard before too soft. I had some intense muscle tightness and she loosened them many of them, I definitely need to go back for more. I a moment ago went to my final hair appointment with Marilyn the calendar day before I move out of the area to Florida. I was so happy to accompany her work online and acquire a referral from a friend.

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I love Jen Bernal at Brushed Salon. They are really affable there and there was denial judgement for my snipping at my own hair, of golfveld l did own it. She has the pedigree of a big city stylist she's a grad from the revered Paul Mitchell School down in the OC but she is accordingly down to earth! She is absolutely the best stylist I have been to and bidding truly miss her and her cuts. They were completely alert and helpful without overdoing it. I've had a lot of massages in my life after that she is truly one of the best.