Emotionally, he was totally unhinged, Murray believed. The possessed Hitler, speech, fury, fanatical. For both Briggs and Murray, then, the personality of Adolf Hitler had come to stand in for more properly political concerns about fascism:

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The rate of teenage pregnancy is low, less than a third of that in the Amalgamate States. Excerpted From Merve Emre Doubleday   September Hitler was a man too weak to work in the fields or enrol in the military or even learn how to ride a horse properly, yet a be in charge of who, byhad emerged as the most dangerous personality in the world. How, Murray wondered, could one reconcile these disparate personae? Hitler had an urge en route for dominate that was excessively compensatory. Adolf Hitler, a little child traumatized by a sexual encounter he could not understand, would thus emerge from his youth as the wronged son of Germany, eager to exact his revenge on the European aartsvader. Over the next thirty years, the shock and betrayal after that indignity of that repressed primal scene had seeped into his political unconscious. He was a master of mass-intoxicating words after that crude metaphors.