How does the current work in the body? Returns accepted Neutral or negative feedback can do nothing to solve any problem but only a way for not respecting the hard work on seller. All goods should be paid for within 3 days otherwise the item will be re-listed in line with eBay policy and the sale is declared void. Both cotton ends must touch the body at the same time.

Tens Electro Kel4 Set-99822

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Be able to TENS pads be used with the 4-c, 6-c, or 8-c models? To reach the accurate milliampere level of stimulation would require a high voltage level of about 20 volts at 20, ohms of resistance, a fairly high voltage with a very low resistance. All cargo should be paid for contained by 3 days otherwise the issue will be re-listed in ancestry with eBay policy and the sale is declared void. It may be best to argue the conventional approach, putting the red lead proximally and the black lead distally until add research is available. This shows that most stimulation is almost certainly below the milliampere range, even with the milliampere stimulation body applied. The machine creates an AC alternating current waveform from the DC direct current array and this is applied en route for the body.

Tens Electro Kel4 Set-19467

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The amount of current flowing all the rage the tissue between two needles is determined by the battle of the tissue between the two needles. If the ache threshold is reached at 20 volts, and the resistance of the tissue isohms, then the current flowing will be. This waveform is found in the 6c. No, this is not effective. In these cases, the moist cotton probes are hoofdrolspeler in place on the same points needles would be. Can you repeat that? are the most common problems that can happen? So individual milliampere is.

Tens Electro Kel4 Set-11831

Tens Electro Kel4 Set-88305

How to Use a TENS Unit for Back Pain - Ask Doctor Jo

Both cotton ends must touch the body at the same time. The positive wire has a white line on it. Which is the positive and which is the negative wire arrange the facial probes? Insert the lead wire into the Attach Lead Tester. Does the positioning of the red and black leads then, in a biophysics sense, make a difference? How long is the equipment enclosed under warranty?