Holland was criticized for not protecting the eastern provinces. The Dutch also had a successful privateering campaign against English ships, and the loss of trade made the war so unpopular that on February 19, NS Charles II agreed to the Second Peace of Westminster with the Dutch that was ratified by both sides by March 5 with no gains for England.

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Johan paid for the court costs of his brother Cornelis; although as they were leaving the jail at The Hague arrange August 20, they were murdered by a mob that built-in militiamen. Willem attacked the French at Mons before he academic of the treaty, and some blamed the Dutch for caring more about their commercial interests than their allies. Emanuel achternaam der Hoeven published a analyse of Johan de Witt with official documents in and the next year two volumes arrange the republic without stadtholders, admiring Oldenbarnevelt and Grotius. Zodoende zal je ervaringen kunnen delen met ze. The French had taken fortified Dunkirk inbut Spanish forces regained it in On February 20 Willem of Orange went to the States of Gelderland and declined the ducal award, but he also replaced members of town councils with Orangists. Late that year Louis XIV began moving his forces against the Southern Netherlands, Lorraine, after that Alsace; but he offered the Dutch a friendship treaty but they agreed within fourteen being. Britain received Gibraltar and the slave trade for thirty years with other trade advantages.

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